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Movie and Game Trailer Voice Overs

by Jamie Buck

Movie and Game TRAILER Voice-Overs

Audio Demo

Video Samples of Trailer Voice-Overs

When referencing video samples please include the number indicated on the sample, so we can easily track the style you are requesting for your voiceover. Thanks! JB@JBVO.com

1. Dark, Suspenseful. 60 Minutes

4. Comedy, Parody. Morals

7. Inspiring, Playful. My Greek Summer

10. Mysterious, Haunted. Monastery

2. Family, Kids. Space Dogs

5. Horror, Terror. Hospital of Darkness

8. Drama, Hope. The Angel Within

11. Deep, Extreme. Movie Theatre

3. Intense, Thrilling. Race Car Driver

6. Hip, Cool, Funky. Keepin The Funk

9. 80s Parody. Classic John Hughes

12. Romantic Comedy. Wedding

13. Adventure. Escape Game

16. Deep, Exciting. Breda Dance Festival

19. Grindhouse, Brutal. Intern Abuser

22. Action. Baja Video Game

14. Deep, F/X. Secret Forest Festival

17. Comedy, Parody. Funny or Die

20. Action. Bass Pro Shops Game


15. Intense, Challenge. Game Show

18. Supernatural, Rated M. Amazon

21. Sports. Football Videogame


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